OneFlorida+ Network Resources

The Miami CTSI is a member of the OneFlorida+ Network, which allows University of Miami investigators to utilize the OneFlorida+ Research Infrastructure and services through its access point called Front Door. From here, researchers can submit a prep-to-research data query, which helps researchers formulate hypotheses and identify trends within targeted populations, or apply to utilize the consortium’s practice-based research network, central IRB and more.


The benefit of using the OneFlorida+ Clinical Research Network infrastructure involves the availability of a wide array of research resources:

  • Support to identify eligible patient populations and/or clinical practices
  • OneFlorida+ Data Trust with extensive health care information for cohort discovery, study feasibility, study data collection, and observational studies
  • Information technology resources
  • Data analytics warehouse
  • Biorepository capability, available through the University of Florida Clinical and Translational Science Institute
  • Study Implementation Support
  • Stakeholder Engagement

It has two levels. The first is a central repository of patient-level, HIPAA-limited electronic health record and health insurance data transformed into a common data model, called the OneFlorida Data Trust. The second is a statewide practice network presenting opportunities to engage clinicians and patients in diverse health care settings through interventional studies.

Network partners include the University of Miami, University of Florida, Florida State University, the three universities’ affiliated health systems and practices, as well as the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, which oversees the Florida Medicaid Program. Other partners include private health systems, public health care systems, community health centers and physician-owned practices that provide care for millions of people in Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

The OneFlorida+ Data Trust is a repository of health-care data from Florida and select cities in Georgia and Alabama that is regularly updated with the inclusion of new partners and data refreshes from existing partners. The Data Trust contains claims and encounter data for Floridians enrolled in Medicaid and robust patient-level electronic health record data from public and private health care systems throughout Florida and in Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham, Alabama. These data include diagnoses, procedures, medications, patient demographics, unique patient codes for re-identification by network partners, exposome data on the natural, built and social environments, and other data elements in the PCORnet Common Data Model (CDM).

You may want to use the OneFlorida+ Infrastructure to:

  • Request a prep-to-research data query. This free service can be used to help formulate research questions or learn more about the data available in the OneFlorida+ Data Trust. To use this service, researchers must complete an application. Queries are reviewed bi-weekly by the executive committee.
  • Obtain and use patient-level or practice-based data from the network, PIs must complete an application, which must be approved by the OneFlorida+ executive committee and the OneFlorida+ centralized IRB. Use of this service may involve fees.
  • Schedule a research consultation.
  • Get data-related support, study implementation support and research training.
  • Obtain a OneFlorida+ centralized IRB.

Getting Started

Learn more by visiting the OneFlorida+ website. Next, contact the Miami CTSI OneFlorida+ research liaison, Chin Chin Lee at [email protected] or 305-243-0760 to initiate the process.