Hub Liaison Team

The Hub Liaison Team aims to position the Miami CTSI Hub as a key collaborator in multi-site studies within the CTSA Consortium. It accomplishes this by:

  • Scaling up research infrastructure and managing continuous quality improvement programs for our CTSA Network trials.
  • Overseeing CTSI Recruitment and Trial Operations teams that provide navigational oversite to expedite CTSA Network studies.


  • Clinical Research Site Harmonization
  • OneFlorida+ Collaborations

The Miami CTSI and the University of Kansas Clinical and Translational Science Institute joined together to pilot a quality improvement (QI) program with the goal of improving clinical research efficiencies and increasing enrollment in network trials.

The QI program from the Dartmouth Institute’s Microsystem Academy consists of a mix of in-person and virtual sessions across a 12-month period with Dartmouth Institute coaches. The Micosystem Academy uses “Team Coaching” model in this QI Program.

The coaches from the Academy engaged with the interdisciplinary teams, and share and teach their knowledge, methodologies, and tools for successful and continue QI at every level of the research process.

Teams representing each of Miller School of Medicine research strategy pillars were formed to participate in this pilot program. Each team consisted of principal investigator(s), clinical research coordinator(s), and regulatory personnel.

The coach facilitates the interactions between team members using effective group dynamics.

In addition to the teams from research strategy pillars, several members from UM’s central research offices (e.g., RCQAORA, and CRORS) attended as observers.

Trial Innovation Network (TIN)

The TIN is a collaborative initiative within the CTSA Program and is composed of three key partners – the CTSA Program Hubs, the Trial Innovation Centers (TICs), and the Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC). It aims to execute trials better, faster, and more cost-efficiently and, importantly, be a national laboratory to study, understand and innovate the process of conducting clinical trials. Visit the TIN website to learn more about its network and resources.

What Can the TIN do for your research?

  • Help plan your trial
  • Facilitate a roadmap for recruitment and retention strategies
  • Provide clinical trial resources through its Toolbox

Two ways to engage with the TIN:

  • The Miami CTSI liaison will connect study investigators with multi-site clinical trials initiated by other CTSAs.
  • Study investigators can request an initial consultation or specific resources for multi-site clinical trial (e.g., proposal submission, sIRB, cohort discovery, standard agreement, recruitment & retention, feasibility assessment, recruitment material).

Review the TIN Getting Started Guide for Investigators

TIN Toolbox

The materials available through the TIN Toolbox are designed primarily for the CTSA Program staffs and institutions participating in the Trial Innovation Network. Other parties conducting engagement, recruitment, and retention activities for clinical trials and multi-site studies are welcomed to adopt these resources for local use as well.

Resources in the toolbox include a recruitment and retention plan, a community outreach guide, and templates for sharing study results.

Access the Toolbox here.


Chin Chin Lee, MS, MSPH
Director, Research Support
Phone: 305-243-0760
Email: [email protected]