CTSI Mentored Translational Research Scholars Program Awards (KL2)


The common goal of the Miami CTSI Mentored Translational Research Scholars Program and the Sylvester Calabresi Clinical Oncology Research Career Development Program is to identify outstanding early-stage investigators and prepare them to become the next generation of highly skilled independent researchers. These researchers will translate fundamental knowledge and new technologies from the laboratory to the clinic and to the community.

This year, with the goal to reduce application burden for potential Scholars and facilitate selection of the most competitive candidates at our institution, the two programs offer a single common application process, while retaining their specific eligibility criteria and review process.

Each program will recruit a diverse group of talented research Scholars for

  • two-year terms and
  • provide them with dedicated time for research, optimal mentorship, formal research education, and practical experience to support their research career development.

KL2 Program Scholars & Graduates

Awardee Award Year Department/ Division
Lunthita Duthely, Ed.D., M.S. FY2019 Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences
Tali Elfassy, Ph.D.  FY2019 Public Health Sciences/ Epidemiology
Joyce Gomes-Osman, Ph.D.  FY2019 Physical and Occupational Therapy
Mario Saporta, M.D., Ph.D.  FY2019 Neurology
Corinna Levine, M.D., M.P.H. FY2020 Otolaryngology/ Rhinology & Skull Base Surgery
Ayham Alkhachroum, M.D., M.S. FY2020 (Institutional Award) Neurology/Neurocritical Care
Jashodeep Datta, M.D. FY2020 (Institutional Award) Surgery/ Surgical Oncology
Merline Benny, M.D. FY2021 Pediatrics
Marissa DeFreitas, M.D. FY2021 Pediatrics
Yelena Drexler, M.D. FY2021 Medicine/ Nephrology
Katlyn Meier, Ph.D. FY2021 (Institutional Award) Physics
Nicole Sur, M.D. FY2021 Neurology
Jennifer Coto, Ph.D. FY2023 Otolaryngology


Patricia Avissar
Director, Research Support
Email: [email protected]