Workforce Development

The goal of the Workforce Development program of the Miami CTSI is to offer a wide range of interdisciplinary clinical and translational research education, training, career development, and mentoring opportunities to expose researchers and study personnel to the principles of translational science and the standards of good clinical research practice.

Some of the opportunities include a research mentoring workshop, short courses, grant writing workshops, workforce development activities, graduate programs in clinical and translational science and (K12) CTSI Mentored Research Career Development Program Award in Clinical & Translational Science.

M.S. in Clinical and Translational Investigation

The Master’s of Science in Clinical and Translational Investigation at the University of Miami creates a structured educational program that offers trainees of diverse cultural and educational backgrounds formal graduate training in the principles and practice of translational science and clinical research. This program provides a foundation for the development of future practitioners and leaders of translational science. Learn more

Research Mentoring Training Workshops

The Miami CTSI Research Mentoring program is a series of workshops for early stage faculty and their mentors to strengthen their mentoring skills and build successful relationships. Workshops utilize a curriculum that is evidence based and are interactive and include presentations, exercises and discussions with mentoring teams.  Learn more

Network of Clinical Research Professionals

The Network of Clinical Research Professionals is an organization that offers networking opportunities and activities to enhance education, training and career development for research support staff. To find out about future meetings and events, click here.


Have questions or want to discuss your career goals and how we can help? Email CTSI[email protected]

Patricia Avissar
Director of Research Support
E-mail: [email protected]

Marisabel Davalos
Director of Research Support
Email: [email protected]

Jessica Diaz
Project Manager, Workforce Development
Administrator, MSCTI Program
Phone: 305-243-2083
Email: [email protected]