ONENESS Research Solution

The ONENESS Research Solution (ORS) is a research query tool created collaboratively between the University of Miami and Jackson Health System that utilizes a data repository and master patient index based on clinical data contributed by both organizations.

It allows for clinical research teams at both UM and JHS to query de-duplicated and de-identified patient data and generate aggregate counts, enabling preparatory-for-research activities, cohort discovery, and other clinical research activities.

ORS serves to make a positive impact on health and health equity in South Florida by providing researchers with the data they need to better align clinical research questions with the needs and funding opportunities available for eligible research cohorts.  


  • Data repository – ORS includes 7 years of historical data from both the University of Miami and Jackson Health System electronic health records.  
  • Data domains added to the ORS repository include allergies, demographics (de-identified), conditions/diagnoses, visits and admissions, social history, medications, immunizations, procedures, vitals, and lab component results. 
  • Master patient index – Patients with data in both institutions are harmonized so that data across both sites are integrated into a single patient record.  
  • Data export – Export data of aggregate counts. 
  • Queries – Save query filters/settings for future use and query/filter fields with date/time stamps. 
  • Re-identification – Saved queries associated with approved IRB protocols can be re-identified to provide study teams with patient-level MRN lists for further approved usage (e.g., chart review, prospective trial recruitment, etc). 

Accessing ORS

Jackson Health System and University of Miami employees who are involved in clinical research activities may request access to ORS. Mandatory training must first be completed prior to requesting access.  

How to access the required training to obtain ORS access 

  1. Got to 
  2. If you haven’t done so, register for an account with your University of Miami email address. 
  3. Navigate to the “Oneness Research Solution” module via this link and click on “enroll me” to add it. This will allow you to view the training video.

A certificate of completion will appear and be able to be downloaded once the entire video has been watched.

How to request access to the ORS system

Jackson Health System employees should visit this link. UM employess may follow these steps:

  1. Review the User Access Request Process documentation (use Cane ID/Password)
  2. Go to
  3. Click on Access Request in the Catalog filters on the left pane
  4. Then select the Oneness User Account Request item and complete the form that opens
  5. Complete the “Intended Uses – Select all that apply” section
  6. Upload the ORS training certificate and submit

Questions & Feedback

For any questions, please email [email protected].