Published: January 16, 2024

Jessica Diaz Guerra

Jessica Diaz Guerra, MSEd

Where were you born?
Miami, FL

Where do you call home?
Hialeah, it’s where I grew up and where I spend a lot of time with family.

How long have you been at UM?
10 years!

How long have you been with the CTSI?
I’ve been with the CTSI since Sept. 2015. I originally came on board to help with participant engagement initiatives and eventually transitioned to be part of the evaluation team. Working with the evaluation team I was able to support the implementation of evaluation strategies in the CTSI, collecting, analyzing, and summarizing data for our programs. Most recently, I transitioned to a new role supporting the work of the CTSI’s Workforce Development team and serving as administrator for the MSCTI. In this role I get to work on initiatives that help support the professional growth and development of our research community.

What are you passionate about?
Faith, learning/growing, family, encouraging people around me.

What makes you laugh out loud?
Most often it’s my family (usually my husband or sister) with their sense of humor and antics.

With your current life experience, what is something you would tell your younger self?
You cannot control everything and that is a good thing. Trust God, love others even when it’s difficult, and keep challenging yourself and pushing past fears.

Favorite time of year in Florida and why?
I actually love our rainy season – I find it calming.

What are you streaming or what are you reading right now?
Streaming Seinfeld




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