Published: June 10, 2024

We are thrilled to announce our new Community Engagement Consultation Form.

The CTSI understands the pivotal role that community engagement plays in shaping research outcomes. That’s why we want to highlight our consultation services to support community engaged research.

Why engage with our faculty experts?

Insightful Guidance: Access valuable insights and perspectives from our experienced team and community stakeholders to enrich the depth and relevance of your research.

Foster Collaboration: Build strong partnerships with community organizations to ensure your research addresses local health disparities and promotes health equity .

Amplify Your Impact: By engaging with the community, you can maximize the relevance and reach of your research outcomes.

How does it work?

  1. Submission: Complete the consultation form, providing detailed information about your research objectives and engagement requirements.
  2. Personalized Support: Our dedicated team will meticulously review your submission and connect you with pertinent community resources and collaborators.
  3. Collaboration in Action: Engage, collaborate, and innovate alongside community partners, driving positive change through your research endeavors.

Elevate your research and make a meaningful impact in the community through collaboration and engagement.

Click the link below to access the consultation form:

Have questions or need assistance? Reach out to our Community and Stakeholder Engagement team via email: Angelica Agati ([email protected]).




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