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Secure Resources with Biostatistics Core Through Collaborative Agreement


Establishing a collaborative agreement for a biostatistics collaboration plan for the fiscal year will secure BCCC resources dedicated to your research and can be used any time during the fiscal year. Having a collaboration plan will ensure provision of biostatistics support for existing research, as well as research development.

This can be utilized for proposal development, manuscript writing, data analysis, or whatever statistical support activity is needed throughout the year, and usage would be prioritized by the person who engages in the plan.

The Biostatistics Collaboration and Consulting Core (BCCC) additionally offers REDCap support to all collaboration plans.

Matching funds for commitments to collaboration plans will continue to be available through the Research Design and Biostatistics Component of the Miami CTSI for all collaborative agreements funded using non-sponsored accounts (i.e. if you purchase 50 hours of support for the year, Miami CTSI will match your 50 hours, and you will have 100 hours of any type of statistical support).

This is to help provide support for research development, and existing unfunded research.

Engaging in a collaborative agreement will ensure availability of dedicated biostatistical collaborative support when you need it.

To schedule a consultation, email program administrator Maria Jimenez-Rodriguez at or visit the BCCC web page to get more information.

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