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The Informatics Program develop and deploys informatics and computational solutions to facilitate research collaboration, clinical trial information management, and data sharing across the Hub, CTSA Network, and other research networks. The program also increase informatics and computational competencies through training and consultation.


For University of Miami investigators and their study teams to perform queries, capture and store data and collaborate.

URIDE is a secure, web-based program that’s lets users quickly explore de-identified patient data from UChart. This large-scale data research tool can be used for:

  • study design
  • feasibility analysis
  • cohort identification
  • statistics on UHealth patient population for grant submissions
  • or other applications in which population assessments need to be conducted

Slicer Dicer
Epic SlicerDicer is UChart’s self-service reporting tool. It provides intuitive and customizable data exploration abilities to sift through large populations of patients, enabling analysis of trends in patients and identification of patient cohorts for research purposes.

  • For questions related to using SlicerDicer for research including how to request access, please email
  • A Slicer Dicer learning module is available through the CTSI webinar platform. First time users will need to register for an account with your University of Miami email address. Once registered, follow the link and click “Enroll me” to view the video and materials.

Secure Workbench
The Secure Workbench provides a virtual environment whereby University of Miami faculty and staff can analyze clinical and research identified or de-identified data in a secure system. The Secure Workbench is pre-loaded with analytical and mathematical applications such as SAS, Excel, MATLAB, R Studio, Minitab, and Maple. Access to the Internet is restricted to sites related to the applications installed. Only Secure Workbench Administrators and the Office of Privacy and Data Security’s Data Broker have the capability and are permitted to move data in and out of the Secure Workbench. The Workbench servers are hosted by the University Miami Information Technology Department.

To request access and assistance, e-mail

REDCap – Research Electronic Data Capture
REDCap is an application that allows users to collect research data, build databases and manage online surveys quickly and through secure web authentication from your browser. No extra software is required.
Research IT administers project creation, user account management, and movement of projects from development to production.

OneFlorida Front Door
The Miami CTSI is a proud member of the OneFlorida Research Consortium, which allows its investigators to utilize the OneFlorida research infrastructure and services through its access point called Front Door. From here, researchers can submit a prep-to-research data query, which helps researchers formulate hypotheses and identify trends within targeted populations, or apply to utilize the consortium’s practice-based research network, central IRB and more.

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De-identification Services
The University Office of Privacy & Data Security, in conjunction with UHealth IT, provides services that can de-identify clinical data sets.


Staff with UHealth IT Data Science and Research Informatics offer office hours to review research data requests or discuss needs for the other services. Schedule a consultation


UHealth IT Data Science and Research Informatics
Clinical investigators at the University of Miami can access data resources supported by the Miami CTSI through the website of the UHealth IT Data Science and Research Informatics Team. Services range from provisioning data for research from UChart to data management to comprehensive education and consultations.

UHealth IT Research Intelligence & Data Infrastructure
Support the UResearch mission through technology solutions across the research spectrum from administrative to clinical research applications, including data informatics & analytics, vendor solutions reviews and implementation, research system interfaces, research mission initiatives and compliance.

Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC)
The University of Miami Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC) is focused on tapping the extraordinary potential in the field of data science through a collaborative approach that brings together talented minds in multiple disciplines, and leverages the Institute’s state-of-the-art technology, including an AI-ready supercomputer and 5G+ edge computing environment.

As a member of the University of Miami’s Frost Institutes of Science and Engineering, IDSC supports basic and applied research initiatives throughout the University of Miami as well as other leading institutions around the world. IDSC strives to enhance data science understanding among our students and the public, and is focused on developing strong partnerships with industry, government, and nonprofit institutions for collaborative research in the following areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence + Machine Learning
  • Bioinformatics + Health
  • Earth Systems
  • Information Design
  • Urban Lab + Smart Cities

IDSC offers free courses, lectures, and workshops on using advanced computing to examine data and solve problems. Visit

Education & Training

Master in Data Science
Workshops & trainings


Peyman Taghioff
IT Manager


Nick Tsinoremas, Ph.D.

Richard Bookman, PhD

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