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Study Recruitment

Consent to Contact

The University’s Consent to Contact initiative is a program by which UHealth patients can consent to be contacted about clinical study opportunities for which they qualify.

From this pool, researchers can search and identify potential willing research participants who meet their study criteria. By following a 4 step process, researchers can contact patients and begin the recruitment process.

To begin, go to the Consent to Contact for Researchers page.

University of Miami Health Research Website –

A website for UM study teams to feature their health research studies and connect with participants. Possible study participants can search the site for active studies an/or they sign up to be part of a registry to be contacted about studies.


  • It allows users to easily view lay-friendly descriptions of health studies online by searching with lay friendly key words and categories.
  • Potential participants can go to this website and sign up to be a volunteer in future studies and express their interest in specific studies.
  • It allows study teams and volunteers to communicate with one another in a safe, HIPAA-compliant manner.
  • Each study gets a unique public web address for easy sharing on social media and marketing materials.

UM study teams should ensure their studies are listed in the website’s portal to maximize the benefits of all these features. Learn more about here.

MyChart Research Recruitment

Investigators and study teams now have the ability to identify and recruit UHealth patients to clinical/ interventional research studies and safely communicate with eligible participants through MyChart. Studies wishing to use this recruitment tool must obtain IRB approval first. Additionally, study team members will need approved access to Epic and to complete a training module in ULearn. To inquire about using MyChart for recruitment, email

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