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The University Research Informatics Data Environment, also known as URIDE, is a big data and visualization service – integrating de-identified data from the UHealth UChart system – that provides investigators with a single, secure, exploratory environment for all clinically and scientifically derived data for research at the University of Miami.

The web-based system allows users to conduct searches by free text, ICD 9 and 10 codes, CPT codes, disease ontology concepts, drug terms and now labs.

Why Use URIDE?

UM investigators conducting scientific research may want to explore de-identified patient data for:

  • study design
  • feasibility analysis
  • grant submission
  • or other applications in which population assessments need to be conducted

Terms of Use

Users must read and agree to the URIDE Terms of Use. View Terms here.

Accessing URIDE

Medical School faculty with a Cane ID already have access to URIDE. An investigator may request access to URIDE for a member of his/her study team. That investigator will be held accountable for compliance with URIDE policy.

Request access by emailing

Make sure cookies and JavaScript are enabled (by default, they normally are). Logging on to URIDE from a wired connection on the UM campus is recommended.


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Questions or Consultations

Email the CTSI Biomedical Informatics team at

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