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University of Miami Health Research Website is a website for University of Miami study teams to feature their health research studies and connect with participants. Possible study participants can search the website for active studies and/or sign up to be part of a registry to be contacted about studies.


For Volunteers

  • Allows potential volunteers to search for UM health studies using lay-friendly key words and/or themed categories
  • Volunteers can sign up to the site’s registry to be a part of future studies
  • Volunteers can express their interest in specific studies

For Study Teams
  • Upload your studies using self-service portal
  • Create study specific screening questionnaires
  • Receive recommendations about interested volunteers
  • Attract and manage potential participants
  • Study teams and volunteers can communicate in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner

Upload Your Study on

UM study teams should ensure their studies are listed in the website’s portal to maximize the benefits of all the features. There is no cost to use it, however studies must have IRB approval.

  • Watch our “How-to” training video before entering your study.
  • Log on to the study team portal
  • UMHR administrators will review and approve the study before it can be activated
  • As study team member, you may review and verify study information, add other study team member to the study, set up email notifications
  • Study team has to obtain IRB approval on the screening questions that will be added to the site



One-to-One Consultation
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Group Trainings
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Accessing the

Questions and Information

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