Miami CTSI

September Champions Corner


Sophie Egea, Ph.D.

Did You Know

The Research Advocacy and Quality Champions — a select group of UM’s very best Clinical Research Coordinators and Directors – meet once a month to advise the CTSI, Clinical Research Operations and Regulatory Support (CRORS), and the Human Subjects Research Office (HSRO) on system-level issues that can be improved to help study approval, start-up, and implementation activities go more smoothly.

Meet Our Members

Each month, we will highlight one or more of our expert “boots-on-the-ground” members who contributes time and talent to help us figure out how to do things better throughout our research enterprise.

Let’s Meet

Sophie Egea, Ph.D., Director, Research Support, Neurological Surgery, has been a clinical research professional at the U for more than 10 years. Her ties to the University of Miami go all the way back to 1998, when she began graduate school. Since then, she has been involved in clinical research in one form or another. She believes that bringing or facilitating quality research and findings to patients is critical.

Sophie’s desire to help design new ways to enable or streamline the quality of the UM research process came full circle when she was invited to join the Research Advocacy and Quality Champions. This invitation is her “feel good” moment because it provided an opportunity to share her experience and best practices and impact the overall quality of clinical research at the U. A tip she offers other clinical research professionals is to reach out to others if you don’t have the answer – someone always does! On her time away from work, Sophie enjoys reading and the outdoors.

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