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August Champions Corner


Did You Know

The Research Advocacy and Quality Champions — a select group of UM’s very best Clinical Research Coordinators and Directors – meet once a month to advise the CTSI, Clinical Research Operations and Regulatory Support (CRORS), and the Human Subjects Research Office (HSRO) on system-level issues that can be improved to help study approval, start-up, and implementation activities go more smoothly.

Meet Our Members

Each month, we will highlight a Champion expert “boots-on-the-ground” leader who contributes time and talent to help us figure out how to do things better throughout our clinical research enterprise.

Let’s Meet

Iszet Campo-Bustillo is an Associate Scientist in the Department of Neurology. Iszet has been a working at UM for 25 years, with a total of 20 years as a clinical research professional. Iszet demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the quality and conduct of clinical trials by obtaining Certification as a Clinical Research Professional from SOCRA on June 25th, 2012.

Her desire to participate in cutting-edge clinical research that could help find cures for diseases was the driving force to pursue a career as a clinical research professional. Iszet accepted her invitation to be a member of this select group because she is passionate about helping to advance clinical research at our Institution.

Her “feel good” moment as a clinical research professional is when a clinical research study her team participated in results in a new drug/intervention that helps patients.

A tip she offers other clinical research professionals is to never stop learning.

When she is not brainstorming with the Champions, Iszet enjoys gardening; particularly, trying not to kill her orchids and enjoying her low-maintenance, easy-care succulents.

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