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Mary Lou King, Ph.D., professor emeritus

Longtime CTSI Grant Writing Mentor to Retire


As she moves into full retirement, Mary Lou King, Ph.D., professor emeritus and longtime CTSI grant writing mentor writes about the lasting impact mentorship can have in a farewell message to the CTSI community.

Luisa Cimmino, Ph.D.

CTSI Pilot Awardee Taps the Power of Vitamin C to Treat Blood Cancers


Vitamin C, an essential dietary nutrient for humans, has been touted for its immune boosting properties for more than half a century. More recently, research has revealed its greater potential as a treatment for blood cancers. In her ongoing research, Miami CTSI Pilot Award recipient and Principal Investigator Luisa Cimmino, Ph.D., explores the potential of Vitamin C to combat blood cancers such as leukemia.