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CTSI Sponsors 13th International Conference on Cerebral Vascular Biology


Participants at the Meet the Mentor Lunch session of the 13th International Cerebral Vascular Biology Conference

Participants at the Meet the Mentor Lunch session of the 13th International Cerebral Vascular Biology Conference

The Miami CTSI was a platinum sponsor of the 13th International Conference on Cerebral Vascular Biology (CVB), which recently took place from June 25 to June 28 in Miami. The CVB conference brought together an international group of researchers, scientists, trainees and students to discuss the latest research about cerebral vascular biology.

Michal Toborek, M.D., Ph.D., professor and vice-chair of research, department of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Miami, was the chair of the 2019 CVB conference. He shared that it was a successful event that focused on research about brain health, including brain barriers, such as the blood-brain barrier and blood-cerebrospinal fluid-barrier.

CTSI Supports the CVB Conference

“Our 2019 CVB conference brought together 297 participants from 24 countries. People liked the location, which overlooked Biscayne Bay, and they were impressed by the scientific program we put together with the help of the CTSI and our other sponsors,” says Toborek.

In addition to CTSI sponsoring the event, members of the CTSI and the Miller School of Medicine participated as part of the conference’s Organizing and Scientific Program Committee and International Scientific Committee, as well as presenters.
CVB Conference Keynote Speaker, Dr. Ralph Sacco
Miami CTSI director Ralph Sacco, M.D., M.S., F.A.H.A., F.A.A.N., professor and Olemberg chair of neurology, executive director of the McKnight Brain Institute, chief of neurology at the Miller School of Medicine, was one of the keynote speakers.

Other presenters and committee members from the Miami CTSI included:

• Dalton Dietrich, Ph.D., scientific director at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis and the Kinetic Concepts Distinguished Chair in neurosurgery, CTSI pilot program director, Miller School of Medicine
• Tatjana Rundek, M.D., Ph.D., professor of neurology, executive vice chair of research and faculty affairs in neurology, scientific director at the Evelyn F. McKnight Brain Institute, CTSI KL2 program and workforce development program director, Miller School of Medicine
• Sylvia Daunert, PharmD, M.S., Ph.D., professor biochemistry and molecular biology and Lucille P. Markey chair, director of the Dr. JT Macdonald Foundation Biomedical Nanotechnology Institute, CTSI team science program co-director, Miller School of Medicine

Translational and Team Science Shine at the CVB Conference

“The positive influence of the CTSI at the CVB conference could be seen in the greater focus on translational science. This conference was more clinically oriented than others in the past,” says Toborek.

The Miami CTSI also sponsored two sessions at the 2019 CVB conference:

• Targeting cerebral vasculature for regenerative medicine
• Stroke: neurotoxicity, ischemic pre-conditioning and cerebrovascular neuroprotection

Career development shared the spotlight with translational science as the conference had a special session for trainees, which was a new format for the CVB. During the “Trainees in Cerebrovascular Research” session, five graduate students and five postdocs gave short presentations to the audience.

Opportunities for collaboration were also provided through the popular “Meet the Mentor Lunch” that paired groups of six trainees with two mentors. This social program gave them a face-to-face chance to discuss research and careers with international academic and biotechnology leaders.

The 2019 CVB conference also received a prestigious NIH grant to support underrepresented and minority participants. The grant paid for the registration and travel fees of 10 minority trainees.

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