Miami CTSI

May 29: Dean Henri R. Ford’s Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series


You’re invited on Wednesday, May 29 at Noon at the Miami CTSI Training Center, Don Soffer CRC, suite 710 for Dean Henri R. Ford’s Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Series featuring Camillo Ricordi, M.D., Director of the Diabetes Research Institute, and Ashutosh Agarwal, Ph.D., Associate Director of the Biomedical Nanotechnology Institute at the University of Miami.

They will present Bridging Cell Therapy, Regenerative Medicine and Biomedical Engineering at UM.

Lunch will be provided at 11:30 a.m. Please RSVP online here.

The Diabetes Research Institute houses teams of scientists, engineers, and clinicians with the expertise required to tackle diabetes from many angles. This integration of medicine and technology drives the vision behind the DRI BioHub, a comprehensive, three-pronged approach to cure diabetes.

The BioHub’s three principal research avenues, collectively referred to as the “Three S’s” — Site, Sustain, Supply — are being pursued simultaneously by DRI’s multidisciplinary team of investigators, together with a global network of collaborators.

A key component of fulfilling that vision is the involvement of Biomedical Engineers and their innovative platforms.

Through a multi PI NIDDK U-series grant from the Human Islet Research Network, Dr. Ricordi and Dr. Agarwal are developing an integrated platform towards engineering mature human islets. Dr. Agarwal’s innovative organ on chip technology allows replication of in vivo microenvironments and interactions within tissue-engineered microfluidic platforms for the ultimate purpose of developing drugs, understanding disease mechanisms, and testing stem cell therapies.

Through this collaborative grant, DRI investigators are discovering the cues necessary to maintain islet stability in culture, and ultimately drive human pancreatic progenitors and stem cells to generate unlimited sources of insulin producing cells, for research and clinical applications.

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