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Miami CTSI Partners with Kansas Hub to Pilot Quality Improvement Research Project Program


The Miami CTSI and the University of Kansas Clinical and Translational Science Institute have joined together to be the first CTSA hubs to pilot a quality improvement (QI) program with the goal of improving clinical research efficiencies and increasing enrollment in network trials.

The QI program from the Dartmouth Institute’s Microsystem Academy consists of a mix of in-person and virtual sessions across a 12-month period with Dartmouth Institute coaches. The Micosystem Academy uses “Team Coaching” model in this QI Program.

The coaches from the Academy will engage with the interdisciplinary teams, and share and teach their knowledge, methodologies, and tools for successful and continue QI at every level of the research process.

Teams representing each of Miller School of Medicine research strategy pillars have been identified and formed to participate in this pilot program. Each team consists of principal investigator(s), clinical research coordinator(s), and regulatory personnel. A member of the team will serve as the coach.

The coach facilitates the interactions between team members using effective group dynamics. The coach will set the stage where the teams can explore new relationships and become more effective. Coaches will undergo a slightly different training, as they will be coaching future coaches of this program.

In addition to the teams from research strategy pillars, several members from UM’s central research offices (e.g., RCQA, ORA, and CRORS) will attend as observers.

The kick-off in-person training of the program will be held at the CTSI training center from May 13-15. Objectives measurements (benchmarking) will be identified, used and tracked to show improvements.

If you would like to participate in the next wave of the QI program, please contact Chin Chin Lee at

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