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OneFlorida Presentation Encourages Collaboration, Utilization of its Network and Infrastructure


More than 60 attendees during an afternoon presentation on Oneflorida at the Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education auditorium on November 13.

The Miami CTSI hosted Betsy Shenkman, Ph.D., Director of the OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium, Bill Hogan, M.D., M.S., Director of Informatics for the OneFlorida Consortium, and a team of OneFlorida staff on November 13 to learn how the research community at the University of Miami could use OneFlorida’s vast statewide data network and infrastructure to advance research.

With claims and encounter data for more than 15 million Floridians housed in its secure repository, the OneFlorida Data Trust is a powerful tool that UM researchers can use to formulate research questions, identify trends within targeted populations, discover cohorts and determine study feasibility.

To make it easier for consortium researchers to access the de-identified data, OneFlorida launched a self-service query tool called i2b2. Access is given through a unique login and password, allowing the user to explore at their own pace.

Through OneFlorida’s honest broker system, patients can be contacted for IRB and steering committee approved studies. Both data related support and study implementation support are available via OneFlorida’s Front Door service.

Drs. Shenkman and Hogan demonstrated i2b2 to an audience of more than 60 attendees during an afternoon presentation at the Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education auditorium.

The day also included talks and presentations with CTSI leadership and staff as well as with the University’s Research Cabinet where Dr. Shenkman discussed opportunities for collaboration between the CTSI and OneFlorida.

UM researchers interested in querying OneFlorida’s data should begin by emailing a request to the CTSI at Learn more about the other ways to use the OneFlorida infrastructure through their website at

The OneFlorida Clinical Research Consortium is a partnership that includes the University of Miami as well as the University of Florida, Florida State University and eight health systems across the state.

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