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CTSA Funded ResearchMatch Recruitment Website Launches in Spanish


ResearchMatch, a national online recruitment tool that matches people interested in research with investigators throughout the country, now offers its website in Spanish. Spanish speakers can sign up in Spanish to be volunteers, while investigators from the University of Miami can connect with and recruit them for their studies.

ResearchMatch is a not-for-profit activity and is funded through the NIH’s Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) program. With more than 130,000 registered volunteers and over 6,100 investigators at 153 participating institutions, ResearchMatch hopes to increase the pool of Spanish-speaking volunteers and to increase the recruitment of underrepresented groups in research.

University of Miami researchers interested in learning more about ResearchMatch should register online or attend an online training. You can also contact the CTSI by email at and one of our team members can walk you through the steps.

If you are already registered with ResearchMatch and want to recruit Spanish-speaking volunteers, submit any Spanish contact messages to your IRB for approval (including any other participant-facing materials, such as consent forms) and ensure you are prepared for inquiries from Spanish-speaking volunteers.

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