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CTSI Advancing Faculty Research Careers With Social Networking and Academic Partnership


The Miami CTSI will launch an innovative new research career development initiative for young faculty centered on mentoring activities, social networking and team science.

The Connection for Research Career Enhancement seeks to synergize research career development across structured research career development programs at the University of Miami. It will bring together mentored early stage investigators under a mechanism to facilitate resource sharing and encourage partnerships.

“The CTSI’s Connection for Research Career Enhancement is a unique program to help cultivate future scientific leaders at UM. At a time when young researchers face competing demands and uncertain career paths, it is critical for us to work together to offer programs that successfully advance the research careers of our young faculty,” said Roni Avissar, Ph.D., Dean of the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science. “By offering a consolidated platform for research networking, team science, and mentorship connection, the Connection will provide the foundation for University-wide collaboration in research career development.”

The Miami CTSI created the Connection in response to faculty focus groups and surveys that revealed three serious challenges faced by young investigators: the lack of information about research resources and trainings, a need for more mentorship, and difficulties in overcoming barriers to collaborating across scientific disciplines.

Leadership at top levels across the University have highlighted the essential need to strengthen mentorship and accelerate the development of the next generation of researchers and team scientists.

To meet this need, the Connection will promote information exchange through a dedicated website that navigates users to university-wide research calendars, career development activities, and a repository of information on research resources, useful tools, trainings, and funding opportunities.

It will foster research-focused networking and group learning through meetups, research seminars and workshops, and a secure social networking platform to stimulate collaboration and enhance leadership skills.

Most importantly, the Connection will promote cooperative mentoring activities that connect mentors and mentees, provide guidance for individual career development, and offer training in effective mentor-mentee partnership.

On August 28, the Miami CTSI will host a kickoff event with refreshments to introduce members to the program, network and discuss plans for upcoming activities.

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