Miami CTSI

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Short Course

The I-Corps@Miami Short Course will take place May 2018.

The course objectives:

  • Master the entrepreneurial concept of testing hypotheses through customer discovery.
  • Develop a compelling business case for the technology, focused on value propositions, customer segments, and additional stakeholders.
  • Determine the commercial viability of the technology and explore potential paths to a university exit.
  • Expand the team’s network of key innovation partners, including instructors, mentors, investors, and customers, as part of the university innovation ecosystem.
  • Develop greater self-confidence and business presentation skills in preparation for investors and partners.


Opening Session

  • Introduction to I-CorpsTM, the course and teams
  • Commercial Pathways: Which is right for you?
  • The Business Model Canvas
  • Value Proposition
  • The art of customer discovery
  • In-person, all day event.
  • First team presentations.

Session 1

  • Office hours
  • WebEx or Conference calls, team reports

Session 2

  • Office hours
  • WebEx or Conference calls, team reports

Session 3

  • Mid-term team presentations

Session 4

  • Office hours

Session 5

  • Final team presentations
  • Next steps
  • NSF and NIH national programs, funding
  • In-person, half day event.

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