Miami CTSI

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Teaching Team

Norma Kenyon, Ph.D.
Dr. Kenyon is Chief Innovation Officer of the Medical School, and serves as the Executive Director of Wallace H. Coulter Center. As Vice Provost for Innovation, she has oversight of the University of Miami Office of Technology Transfer (OTT). Dr. Kenyon has extensive expertise in translational research and commercialization of biomedical technologies.

Suhrud Rajguru, Ph.D.
Dr. Rajguru is an Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering and Otolaryngology, whose NIH and industry-funded research focuses on developing devices and therapeutics to treat hearing loss and balance disorders. With nine CTSA partners and a National Teaching Team of experts from the NIH’s SBIR I-Corps program, he has been funded by NIH NCATS Train-the-Trainer and Innovation Awards to develop the I-Corps@NCATS Program. In partnership with UInnovation and a team of experts, he leads a South Florida regional I-Corps@NCATS Short Course at the University of Miami as its Program Director.

Robert Storey
National Instructor for both the National Science Foundation’s I-Corps™ and for the National Institute of Health’s I-Corps @ NIH™ program. In addition to his role at the US national level, he has been the principal instructor for international cohorts in the I-Corps & Lean Start-up arena in South America and Asia/Pacific, as well as lead instructor for the US State Department’s Global Initiative for Innovation in Technology programs in Southern and Western Africa.

Molly Wasko, Ph.D.
Dr. Wasko is a Professor and Associate Dean for Research, Innovation and Faculty Success in the Collat School of Business. She holds a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from the University of Maryland, College Park and has a combined Business/Academic background with 15+ years of leadership experience in the areas of high-technology start-ups, strategic planning and organizational innovation. Her personal vision is to “create opportunities by making connections”, which encompasses her belief that innovation and new knowledge creation comes from collaborating across organizational boundaries.

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