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Consent to Contact for Researchers

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University of Miami researchers can search and identify potential willing research participants who meet their study criteria and request a patient contact list through the process outlined below. Before initiating your request to obtain a list of participants through the Consent to Contact initiative, please make sure you have the following information. If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out to our team via the contact information at the bottom.

1. Perform Feasibility Analysis

2. Determine Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

  • Utilize search terms and/or determine the applicable Diagnosis (ICD-10/ICD-9) and Procedure Codes (CPT) as well as other relevant criteria (e.g., age limits, providers, locations, date range of chart information – encounter, diagnosis, lab value, medications, treatment) for the population of interest

3. Submit IRB Approved Protocol

  • Have an approved IRB protocol and the eProst number
  • Consent to Contact has to be listed as a method of recruitment in eProst
  • The study team members that will be calling participants from the Consent to Contact initiative have to be identified as “obtaining consent” in eProst

4. Complete and Submit Request Form

Contact & Questions

Please send your questions to or call 305-243-8888.

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